Personalized Easter Bunny Bag Tag

Personalized Easter Bunny Bag Tag
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Personalized Easter Bag Tag. Can be personalized to your specifications! Decorate an Easter Basket, a banner, or as an Easter Ornament.

Size ranges from 4" - 10". (The size in these photos is 6")

When ordering, please sure to place your monogram lettering in the order you would like for it to appear. Example....Mary Jane Smith would be typed mSj. I will not be held responsible for lettering typed incorrectly, so be SURE you list it as you would like for it to read. Names can be done, but the lettering will be much smaller to fit the given space. Message me if you prefer a name rather than a monogram.

Please specify your fabric color, size, thread color, monogram lettering and font style (OCP is Script, MGD is Circle, and AGE is Fishtail).

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