Clear Crossbody Bag

Clear Crossbody Bag Clear Crossbody Bag Clear Crossbody Bag Clear Crossbody Bag Clear Crossbody Bag
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We all know why people carry bags: it's to keep their valuables and other items safe with them wherever they go. But we've all been places where our bags need to be checked.

So whether you are headed to the airport for a trip or to a stadium on Game Day, a clear bag that makes going through the security checkpoint quick and easy is a gift that anyone can appreciate.

This clear personalized 2-in-1 wristlet is a clear vinyl bag that's not too big and not too small, just the right size to have essential items on hand. It features:
    ♦ A main zippered compartment (6" x 9")
    ♦A removable wrist strap (or "wristlet," if you prefer)
    ♦A removable shoulder strap that ships unattached to the bag

The clear personalized 2-in-1 wristlet complies with the NFL and SEC's policy regarding bags that are brought into stadium games, meaning that it provides safety and convenience, all at once. With your monogram on the front, it'll give everyone as a good a glimpse of what are all of the contents inside.

When typing your letters for the monogram, be sure to type them in the order you'd like for them to appear.  Example...Mary Jane Smith would be typed mSj.  PLEASE TYPE THEM IN THIS MANNER (upper and lower case) SO THAT I CAN BE SURE YOU UNDERSTAND MY DIRECTIONS FOR WHERE THE LAST NAME INITIAL SHOULD BE (capital letter, in the middle)

**I don't recommend the matte or etched colors for this particular item

If no font style is specified, the monogram will be created in the style shown in the picture.  If no vinyl color is specified, the default color will be black.

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