Pricing and Guidelines for Custom Orders

We receive questions all the time about doing custom monogramming on items provided by you, the customer.  Do we do them?  The answer is yes.....but there are few guidelines you need to know before you request a custom order...

  • Items must be clean (if they're not brand new) with no holes, tears or stains.  We will look them over before sewing and let you know if we discover anything before we sew the actual item.
  • Font styles and colors must be chosen from the choices given on the website.  If there's a particular font you want, and you don't see it, please ask; we just might have it in our "library" of fonts and monograms!
  • We do not offer a delivery service.  You may schedule to drop items off and pick them up.  If you need them mailed, an additional chare for shipping will be added to your invoice.
  • To remove a previous monogram from an item, there's an additional fee (see description below)

Many customers like to take a garment that was worn by a previous child and have the monogram or name removed, and a new one sewn in it's place.  It's not practical to just "sew on top of the old one", whether it's in the form of a patch with the monogram, or new monogram lettering.  Most of the time, a patch is needed, since the old monogram leaves holes in the garment that cannot be removed.  To remove a previous monogram takes time, and can be quite tedious.  Thus, the reason for the additional charge.  You are more than welcome to remove the stitches before the item is brought to us.  Sometimes, it only takes 20-30 minutes to remove the stitching.  Other times, it might take several hours of tedious work.  Please discuss with us the best possible method to achieve the look you want.

Here are the prices for monogramming, as well as applique orders (effective 4/1/2023)...

  • Monogram or Embroidery (max height 6" and up to 6 colors) - $10
  • Applique Monogram (max of 3 different fabrics) - $15
  • Applique Design (max of 3 different fabrics) - $15-$20 depending on size
  • Monogram or Embroidery removal - $20
  • Rush Charge (10 business days) - $25