Stamps and Embossers

A custom stamp is more than just a mark of ink; it is artful meaning customized uniquely to each individual. Whether it be a mark of an address on an envelope, a monogram used on fine stationery, or a gesture of gratitude on a gift tag, each was thoughtfully and carefully designed to be a one of a kind that no one else will have.

Three Designing Women has built their name and brand on a basic mentality...providing the very best stamps and embossers to you, our customer. We take great pride in every part of the product; from designing classic to on-trend designs and hand-making the custom polymer, to the exquisite packaging and shipping of each product, our passion shows! We truly love what we do and we hope that with each purchase your custom design brings you joy and a smile to your face, just as it does for us every single day.

What truly separates us from the competition is our patented Clean Hands Technology. Gone are the days of messy stampers! With your Three Designing Women stamper, all you need is one device to use with as many clips as you wish. Have one clip with your address, one with your monogram, one for holiday cards, one for your office, and so many more – each one can be interchanged with ease, and of course, with no mess. And because there is no pealing and sticking of your design, you never have to worry about a crooked impression – it will always be a perfect fit!  Our stampers produce the best impressions each and every time. Our polymers are made with precision and allow for a much finer detail than rubber. Each ink cartridge yields 800 to 1,000 impressions and uses only the highest quality inks producing beautiful, highly saturated colors with each stamp.

Additional Embosser Plates can also be ordered separately, so that you have only one embosser, but you can have a wide variety of plates to suit your needs... from an address plate to wedding plates or monogram, or even social plates.  Contact us for more info on additional plates for your embosses or clips for your stamper!